Highlights from the Anglian Water 2023 Developer Conference

On 22nd September, Stomor attended the Anglian Water Services (AWS) 2023 Developer Conference, and it was nothing short of insightful!

One of the most engaging discussions focused on the implementation of Schedule 3 of the Flood and Water Management Act 2010. Here are the key highlights:

🌧️ Schedule 3 Insights: One of the major talking points was Schedule 3, which introduces a significant change in terms of the management of Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS). It mandates the creation of a new body called the SuDS Approval Body (SAB). Under this schedule, commencement on-site won’t be possible until obtaining SAB authorisation. This shift eliminates the automatic right to connect surface water, placing a greater responsibility on consultants to demonstrate the sustainability of the proposed development. Surface water flood risk will now be considered a site constraint where previously it was only the fluvial flood risk.

🗓️ Future Steps: The anticipated timeline includes a consultation for the final text of Schedule 3 in November 2023, with implementation scheduled by the end of 2024. However, there’s still uncertainty among Local Authorities regarding the funding and allocation of resources for this new body, with the consensus of Authorities stating that they are not yet ready.

They also emphasised the importance of water efficiency and water nutrient neutrality, with the challenges that lie ahead in providing water to both their existing and future customers if decisive action isn’t taken. To address this, the conference proposed a multi-faceted approach with smart meters, innovative fittings and customer education being the main focus points.

The main takeaway was the importance of all of us working together to protect our valuable water resources and ensure they’re available for generations to come. 💧💡

Please see below a newsletter explaining the above in more depth, and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.

230922-AW 2023 Developers Conference