July 2022 Update to the Essex Development Construction Manual

In July 2022, Essex Highways issued an update to the Development Construction Manual.  The update is relatively minor with the main changes being to references and increases to several fees. Nonetheless, Stomor has reviewed the latest update and identified the main changes from the September 2019 issue below:

  • Additional wording with regards to Vehicle Restraint Systems (VRS) has been provided. The requirement for a VRS is guided by the ‘Design and Maintenance Guidance for Local Authority Roads – Provision of Road Restraint Systems on Local Authority Roads’.  Additional requirements in relation to risk assessments, foundation design and certification of installation to manufacturer’s instructions.
  • The Design Manual for Roads and Bridges (DMRB) update to CD534 has been incorporated and associated wording provided in relation to the Polished Skid Resistance Value (PSRV) on manhole covers.
  • The Essex Design Guide update to ‘Table 4 – Road Types’ has been incorporated.
  • Ian 73/0 now superseded by CD225 Design for New Pavement Foundations.
  • Finally, there has been numerous changes to Appendix E – Payment Costs, as set out below:

Inspection Fees

  • The minimum charge for the inspection fee has increased from £1,400.00 to £1,521.91.
  • The range of the works costs required for the inspection fee to equal 8.5% of the works cost has changed from £20,000-£500,000 to £50,000-£500,000.  Works costs less than £50,000 are subject to the minimum inspection fee.

Traffic Regulation Orders

Order TypeFee (July 2022)Fee (Sept 2019)
Standard TRO£2,313.51£2,204.20
Pedestrian Crossings£1,030.00£1,030.00
Temporary Road Closure£1,127.68£1,098.03
Temporary Road Closure-ProW£1,119.66£1,090.23

Section 228 Notice

  • The cost for the 228 notice has increased from £235.40 to £247.08.

Licenses and Consents

License TypeFee (July 2022)Fee (Sept 2019)
Section 50 License£1,035.00£900.00
Section 72 Agreement£582.40£554.35
Complex Section 72 Agreement£850.00
Section 106 Agreement£4,000.00£4,000.00
Section 177 Licence£554.88£554.88
Essex Unilateral Undertaking£850.00£850.00
Drainage Easements – Deed of Grant£237.84£250.00
Drainage Easements – Referred£850.00£850.00

Section 184 Application

  • The cost for a Section 184 application has increased from £284.63 to £308.00.
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