Coldhams Lane, Cambridge

15th November 2018

Civil Engineering Design, Public Engagement, Transport

Client: Anderson Group.

Development: Parcel A is proposed to house a variety of space-intensive commercial development. Parcel B is a proposed ecology zone. Parcel C is a proposed urban park for the Cambridge area, with pre-existing lakes and ecological settings.

Work undertaken by Stomor: Transport Assessments, Travel Plans, Flood Risk Assessments, and public consultation works.

The scale and location of the development means that the traffic to and from the site is significant. Therefore, this have an impact on the Cambridge transport network as a whole. Stomor undertook detailed modelling for the road network surrounding the site, and found that the proposals did not lead to capacity being exceeded on the highway network at any pressure points.

As part of any major development, especially those in pre-existing urban landscapes, there must be a heavy focus on gauging and accounting for the opinions of the local population. Stomor has been involved in a number of consultations and public events for the Coldhams Lane site; including a weekend event in nearby Cherry Hinton, where Stomor offered guidance on issues of drainage and access to members of the public.

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