Dark Lane, Cheshunt

31st January 2022

Civil Engineering Design, Transport

Client: Chalkdene Developments

Development: A new housing development on the former playing fields of St. Mary’s School, Cheshunt. This houses 50 dwellings from 2 to 4-bedroom units, along with extensive green infrastructure connecting the development.

Work undertaken by Stomor: Transport Assessment Addendum, Travel Plan, and Means of Access Plan.

Stomor has previously worked on plans for this site, including the creation of Flood Risk Assessments and drainage strategies. Prior work was undertaken in the period between 2013 and 2019, contributing to the development prior to this stage.

Through the course of preparing the Transport Assessment, Stomor came across a variety of constraints which required resolution. Due to the nature of the site adjacent to a previous development, an emergency access route was required to connect the two. This was planned and provided by Stomor as a part of the means of access plan.

In addition, the development planned to open up a water course running through the site, providing a number of ecological benefits. However, this added significant steps to the creation of access plans and internal road designs.

The Transport Assessment also took important steps to accommodate and integrate the development with the pre-existing transport network; including pedestrian footways, highways and accommodating public transport. Additionally, the creation of a Travel Plan ensures that new residents will be encouraged to utilise sustainable and efficient transport networks in the vicinity of the site.

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