Gardiners Park, Basildon

31st January 2022

Civil Engineering Design, Flooding & Drainage, Transport

Client: Inland Homes

Development: A multi-stage phased development located in Basildon, including the construction of new highways, multiple residential areas, a school, a new football ground and an employment area, providing 700 homes and 25,000 square meters of commercial space.

Work undertaken by Stomor: Flood Risk Assessment, Transport Assessment, Travel Plan, Means of Access Plan, and Drainage Strategies

Utilising the Flood Risk Assessment and other associated works, Stomor prepared a variety of drainage strategies using SuDS (Sustainable Drainage Systems) to manage surface water runoff across the development, while providing treatment and storage. Throughout the project, Stomor focused on utilising SuDS as part of the public open space and providing accessible green space throughout the drainage network, allowing it to function as more than just a utility. In conjunction with this, care was taken to work alongside ecologists and arboriculturists to incorporate these flood schemes and SuDS features into the pre-existing ecological settings of the site, encouraging ecological diversity to thrive within the development.

As part of the responsibilities of a new development, Stomor carried out a Transport Assessment for the site, including a connected means of access plan and Travel Plan for the site. Throughout the course of the Transport Assessment, sustainable transport was made a focal point of plans for the development, with pedestrian and cyclist safety considered throughout. This is especially true of the provision of the new school in the development; Stomor’s experience and expertise in school Travel Assessments ensured that the needs of education are integrated throughout the development’s transport network.

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