Queen’s Street, Stotfold

8th March 2022

Civil Engineering Design, Transport

Client: Taylor Wimpey

Development: Highway works associated with a nearby residential development.

Works undertaken by Stomor: Section 278 works.

The proposals include the introduction of a new mini-roundabout at the Queens Street/Mill Lane/Rook Tree Lane junction. This is currently an uncontrolled priority junction. The introduction of a mini-roundabout here helps to encourage a more equal flow of traffic from Mill Lane. Mill Lane currently serves as the joining arm of the priority junction.

A speed control ramp is proposed for the junction between Queen Street and Baldock Road. Speed control ramps are an effective way of controlling speeding in areas where this is common, ensuring safety for pedestrians.

Pedestrian infrastructure:

A number of alterations and additions are made to the network of footways on the site. The footway at the Queens Street/Mill Lane/Rook Tree Lane junction has been widened in the proposals. This takes their width to Central Bedfordshire Council standards, providing safe access for pedestrians. Additional reconfiguration has been proposed at the Queens Street/Baldock Road junction, also improving access for pedestrians. Lastly, a new footpath has been proposed on a former grass verge along sections of Queens Street. These proposals provide more choice for pedestrians navigating the site, reducing the need for informal crossings.

Two new uncontrolled crossing points are proposed on Queens Street; one at each of its northern and southern ends. These uncontrolled crossing points promote additional caution from vehicle users and provide greater safety for the pedestrians using footways. A pre-existing bus stop is to be relocated as part of the proposals. This allows for the introduction of new road markings and kassel kerbs to provide safer access for bus users.

Throughout the Section 278 works at Queen Street, Stomor has utilised an expansive knowledge and understanding of design standards to produce effective and agreeable alterations to road and footway design.

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