The Quarry, Erith Hills

26th November 2020

Civil Engineering Design, Flooding & Drainage, Transport

Client: Anderson Group, Erith Hills LLP.

Development: Over 800 new homes, a primary school with over 600 spaces and a 12-acre ecology centre dedicated to biodiversity and public open space. Built on the site of a former 50-acre quarry, with more than 35% public open space.

Work undertaken by Stomor: Transport Assessments, Travel Plans, Means of Access Plans, Flood Risk Assessments, and Drainage Strategies.

For their work on The Quarry, the Anderson Group have won Regeneration Project of the Year at the First Time Buyers Awards and the London Construction Awards. Additonally, Anderson Group have won the Marketing Initiative of the Year at the House Building Awards. Stomor would like to thank the Anderson Group for their recognition of our work on The Quarry, as detailed below.

Stomor was commissioned to carry out work throughout the course of the development. As part of this work, Stomor assisted with transport, flood risk, and drainage works associated with the development.

Internal Layout:

In the creation of access plans, Stomor had to navigate a 35m level difference in the site. This provided a challenge to the creation of access roads, internal roads and effective drainage. Through the course of the development, Stomor successfully created safe and efficient solutions to the issues which arose from this topographical issue, including full drainage strategies for the entire development.

Transport Modelling:

The size and location of the development, within the London commuter belt,  means that intensive transport modelling had to be undertaken to assess the impact of development on the wider transport network. Stomor undertook detailed and extensive modelling into how the creation of a large-scale project at Erith impacts the highways in and around the area. This work ensured that care was taken to avoid disrupting the transport network where possible.

School Travel:

The development of the new school on the site presents the need for access and transportation plans for the school. Stomor has expertise in this field and presented plans for access, both vehicular and for pedestrians. Extensive plans were presented illustrating accessibility for pedestrians, including disabled accessibility via ramps.

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