Stomor Ltd were commissioned by Anderson Design and Build to provide civil engineering design drawings for the residential re-development of Area H. The scope of works included a main access road, residential type 6 road with associated drainage and an offsite outfall. An urban square was also required in the centre of the development to provide communal space for residents.


The site lies within a conservation area, requiring the aesthetic appearance to be of a high standard, using only specific materials approved by the Local Authority. Conservation kerbs were specified throughout the development, with Tegula blockwork installed where possible. The urban square was constructed using permeable block paving, minimising the volume of surface water runoff leaving the site, and removing the requirement for gullies or drainage channels.



Existing large brick piers each side of the site entrance were to remain and be refurbished. Excavation in this area had to be carefully undertaken in order to avoid disturbing the pier foundations.

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