Adoptable Drainage Design (Section 104/106)

Adoptable Drainage Design services include preparation of drainage drawings and calculations for Section 104/106 approval from the local Water Authority. Flow controls, storage facilities and infiltration systems are designed with simulation of the proposed network carried out using MicroDrainage software.

Designs are generally based upon preliminary drainage investigations, including Existing Drainage Assessments and proposed Drainage Strategies, which can also be provided by Stomor Ltd.

The package of drawings prepared for Section 104 or 106 Agreements includes a detailed layout plan, manhole schedules, longitudinal sections, setting out information and construction details. Attenuation specification and sizing including full design and detailing, type, location and design of flow control measures. Attenuation is designed in accordance with the relevant standards and Local Authority or Environment Agency requirements.

Where possible, Infiltration Systems are designed in order to cater for runoff at source. Designs for soakaways, filter trenches or porous paving systems include full design and detailing including calculations for Environment Agency, Local Authority or Highway Authority approval.

All designs are produced in accordance with the current Sewers for Adoption and Water Authority requirements, based upon principles of Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS).

Drainage Modelling in MicroDrainage is carried out for foul and surface water sewer systems in order to check the effective hydraulic operation of the proposed network.

The complete set of drawings and calculations is issued to the Water Authority for technical approval, with finalised drawings included within the Section 104 or Section 106 Agreement

Where necessary, we are able to prepare details and submit the required information for sewer requisitions to the Local Authorities.

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