Private Drainage, External Works and Plot Setting Out

Private drainage design is normally carried out in conjunction with external works design, which includes design of finished floor levels of buildings and levels for footpaths driveways and parking areas in accordance with Part M Building Regulations for disabled access. Plot setting out information is provided to complete the package of information for construction.

Private Drainage Design
Private Drainage Design provides drainage routes and levels for individual properties, carried out in accordance with Building Regulations, Part H.

On new developments, the private drainage layout is taken into account when designing the adoptable drainage layout, with lateral connections provided as necessary.

Private drainage design can also be carried out for smaller developments where new adoptable systems are not required. In this case, liaison with the Water Authority is carried out to determine the position of connections and to agree flow rates.

Private drainage design includes production of the detailed layout plan, with levels, pipe sizes and construction details for Building Regulations Approval and Section 106 Water Authority Approval

External Works
Preliminary finished floor levels for proposed buildings are prepared based upon existing or proposed road levels. These are forwarded to the Client and other design team members in order to agree the overall site profile and level strategy for the site.

Detailed design of property and garage floor levels are then prepared in accordance with Part M of the Building Regulations.

Final external works layout plans include finished floor levels, plus footpath, driveway and private parking area levels in accordance with Part M building regulations. The External works layout will also indicate areas where tanking or expised brickwork will be required within buildings and, heights of any necessary retaining structures, although these will be avoided as far as possible.

Construction Details for private drives and footways are provided as necessary to suit surface finishes specified by the Client or Architect.

Plot Setting Out Information
Plot setting out coordinates are based upon the Architect’s site layout drawing, and include fence, driveway and footpath coordinates as required by the Client to enable construction.

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