Technical Investigations

Technical Investigations Reports demonstrate the feasibility of a potential site in terms of Access, Drainage, Flooding and Services. The following details are included within our standard report, however each report can be customised to our Clients needs.

Site Information– Details of the site location, existing use and current site access are investigated and described in both written and visual format.

Topographical Survey– Trees, vegetation, drainage falls and any other distinguished features are detailed to provide an overview of the site.

Geotechnical Investigations– A full ground investigation report is undertaken by others to include boreholes and percolation tests. The results are documented in a separate report and summarised within the Technical Investigation, with information used to develop suitable drainage strategies.

Access Appraisal – The existing site access along with nearby features including junctions, traffic calming and pedestrian crossings are detailed and any possible alterations required are highlighted. A proposed Means of Access Plan is produced in accordance with the Local Authority specification, detailing road widths, vision splays and Swept Path Analysis (vehicle tracking) if required. Copies of the proposals are submitted to the Local Authority for approval in principle.

Site Drainage – Existing sewer records are obtained from the relevant sewage undertaker and an Existing Drainage Assessment undertaken, identifying existing drainage routes, pipe diameters, manholes and depths where possible. Proposed Drainage Strategies are prepared for foul and surface water systems, and are submitted to the Local Water Authority and Environment Agency for approval in principle.

Flooding – A review of the Environment Agency indicative flood plain maps is carried out to identify any potential source of flooding, along with enquiries to identify any other local flooding history. A Flood Risk Assessment can be prepared where necessary.

Services – Undertake Existing Services Investigations, including collection of mains records plans and identification of potential requirements for additional supply or diversion of services. Identify indicative costs where possible.

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