Flooding & Drainage

Stomor specialise in civil engineering design and assessments for housing, commercial developments and educational projects.

Stomor Ltd are able to provide Flood Risk Assessments in accordance with The National Planning Policy Framework, Flood Risk Standing Advice. Studies include obtaining historical or modelled flood level data from the Environment Agency and identifying the risk of flooding from fluvial sources. Flood compensation can be designed where development encroaches upon the flood plain, providing sufficient land is available.

Drainage strategies are prepared as part of the FRA which identify options for foul and surface water drainage, identifying the risk of flooding from local drainage infrastructure inadequacies and ensuring that the proposed development does not present a flood risk to downstream properties.

Preparation of drainage strategies include design for flow control, storage and Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) for storms up to 1 in 100 year plus allowance for Climate Change. Flood routes are identified for extreme storm events above the 1 in 100 event, and strategies are forwarded to the Environment Agency and Drainage Authorities for approval as necessary.

Assessments of existing drainage networks can be carried out to establish existing drainage routes and network capacity. Jetting and CCTV surveys can be arranged where necessary.

Flood Risk Assessments
Drainage Strategies
Existing Drainage Assessments
Attenuation Specification and Sizing
Design of Flow Control Measures
Sustainable Drainage Systems SuDS
Drainage Modelling in Micro Drainage®
LLFA compliant Drainage Strategies
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