Sustainable Drainage Systems SuDS

SuDS are physical source and water flow control systems which aim to mimic greenfield run-off conditions on new developments.

The greenfield run-off conditions are dependent upon soil type and topography, as are SuDS solutions.

Our drainage designs aim to utilise the most appropriate and effective SuDS, based upon a sustainability hierarchy as follows;

  • Basins and Ponds; including balancing or retention ponds, detention basins.
  • Filter Strips and Swales; for attenuation and improved water quality.
  • Infiltration Devices; including soakaways or infiltration trenches.
  • Permeable Surfaces; including porous paving, gravelled areas.
  • Tanked Systems; including oversized pipework or cellular storage systems

Designs are carried out in accordance with CIRIA good practice guidelines.

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