Active Travel Assessment

Stomor specialises in active travel advice, providing support and guidance to Developers, Land Promotors and Local Authorities to incorporate effective Active Travel design into their projects.

Starting from 1st June 2023, Active Travel England (ATE) has been granted the status of a statutory consultee. This means that ATE must be consulted on all significant planning applications that meet specific criteria, such as having 150 or more dwellings, buildings (not limited to residential) with an internal floor space of 7,500m2 or more, and development sites covering an area of 5 hectares or more.

At Stomor we provide:

Expert Guidance: Within our team of Transport Planners, we offer expert guidance in active travel design. By promoting active travel, our team ensures that with all developments we are involved with, we include and promote walking, wheeling and cycling connectivity to schools and local amenities, thus helping improve public health, save people money and reduce harmful emissions.

Collaborative Approach: Stomor works closely with Local Highway Authorities during all stages of the planning process, ensuring compliance with all regulatory guidelines, which fosters a collaborative and compliant process to ensure a cohesive strategy is applied throughout the lifespan of a project.  We will ensure that projects meet the ATE requirements and will also advise on good design, with a comprehensive understanding of Highway Authority requirements and detailed design methodology.

Streamlined Process: Stomor follows the Active Travel England Toolkit User Manual to ensure a smooth and straightforward consultation process. Our attention to detail and expertise will help streamline your application, saving time, effort, and potential abortive works.

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