School Travel Assessments

We have extensive experience providing transport assessments for Local Authority Clients, identifying highway, access and internal layout improvements which may be neccessary to enable expansion, improvement or relocation of schools.

Our assessments can be tailored to any need and can include:

  • Observations and Surveys of existing school traffic conditions within the site and surrounding area, including Traffic Counts and Radar Speed Surveys
  • Review of the local highway network and its capacity to accomodate school traffic.
  • Sustainable Travel Assessments.
  • Assessment of existing modal trip rates.
  • Analysis of potential car generation following expansion/provision, based upon pupil catchment data.
  • Recommendations for highway improvements, pedestrian and cycle facilities and parking layouts to accommodate predicted increases in pedestrian and vehicle movements.

Full Transport Statements or Assessments can be prepared to accompany Planning Applications or to advise the Client of the potential impact of proposals.

Alternatively Brief Assessments can be prepared to provide initial feasibility recommendations to Clients looking for suitable sites on which to provide additional school places.

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